Being American and the art of overdoing!

I know November's posts were a little dark and sad.  You all know by now that November is a tough month for me in general.  One of my daughter's jokingly referred to my blog as ""  I love her humor. 
You just gotta laugh!
Well, now we enter December.....ahhh....the month of sparkling lights, pine scented candles and celebrations of all kinds all over the world. 
We get time off and can now relax!
I have come to realize there is an art to relaxing.

It's a process.....

Clearing personal space.

Putting up your feet



Simply taking time.

I saw on the news the other day that "Americans" don't take all of their vacation time. The U.S. has less time off than most other countries to begin with and we are refusing the full two weeks.


Other countries know the value of relaxing and revitalizing. France gives 30 days vacation a year as does Spain, Denmark, Brazil and Germany. We are at the bottom of the list giving 14 days. Only Japan and South Korea gave less at 11 and 10 (respectively). 

 We should also note that Americans represent 5% of the world's population, yet we are the sickest in the world. 
We consume 50 - 60% of the world's manufactured drugs. 
I do believe there are many factors playing into this, but one for sure is our inability to

For me, relaxing is being able to do whatever or not do whatever whenever I want.

To cease "do-ing".

But so many times just as I am about to "relax" things like "the dishes are waiting," "the floors are waiting," "the laundry is waiting"......everything that is inanimate seems to come alive, miraculously gets a voice and starts making demands.

They beckon me to animate them.


time off
getting away
checking out
Every culture has a way to deal with this.  In the Japanese culture, it's "Wabi-Sabi" which centers on finding beauty in the simple things.  It's the process of letting go of having a perfect house and embracing nature and simple imperfections. 

I embrace dust bunnies and dirty dishes.....

The Italians also have a saying for something similar
 "dolce fare niente"
The sweetness of doing nothing.

Others find good use of downtime:
 The Finnish hit the sauna
India's culture is fond of head massages
Africans favor drumming
Aussies enjoy outdoor meals

However you get that time and whatever you do to bring a sense of peace to your soul,


Peace to everyone this season, take time and relax.


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