I teach a recycling class for kids at the local art center.
Here's a tiny creation.  He stands about 2" tall and is made of the inside
of the computer, an old phone (desktop) and a pop top!! 


The art was inspired by my surroundings - 2 acres of woods. The pillow was inspired by the art!

Quick recipe for Italian Peanut Butter
Take 2 heads of garlic
Place in 300 degree oven in pyrex
Add a little water and cover
Warm a loaf of Artisan bread
Bake garlic for 30 minutes
Cloves will mash very easily - remove
the garlic and mix with olive oil and
Parmesan cheese
Smooth on warm bread

Glittery garland aligns the mantle.  I found this beautiful strand at Michael's the day before Christmas.  Yes, it was marked down 70%!!! 
This is a Christmas ornament made of all recycled materials.  It contains bits of the following:  macaroni and cheese box, straw, dvd, cd, spiral notebook, push button telephone, Squirt bottle, milk bottle top, tuna fish can, alumininum foil, plastic, water bottle, Old Navy tennis shoe, cardboard, cell phone parts, Dairy Queen plastic spoon, copper wire, old checkbook cover, paper muffin cup, Diet Coke can and more!