Textile Sticks

Recently I was working with my kids (class - "art"class) with rain sticks.  I secured long fabric tubes from a local fabric store and brought them to class to make the sticks.  The kids covered them with....well everything.  We had an old puppet from Nepal that one of the kids wanted to use partially.  I discovered in dissassembling the puppet that fabric scraps were used for stuffing.  I started working with the materials and discovered a really beautiful way to cover the tubes.  I started with this.
From there I added strips of fabric creating a pattern.  Creating this...

And this....
And this......
 I love these!!  Stay tune for the installation!!


The "Blizzard"

 The "Blizzard"
This is my backyard.....beyond the tree line is a golf course.  The snow blowing resembles a white tornado. 
Lone Birdie
The blizzard just hit here.  We are supposed to get several feet of the white stuff along with winds up to 35 miles per hour to whip it all into a white frothy frenzy! 
Staying in.........
            ..........stay tuned