Grandfathers.......and their place...........

I would love to blog about the latest recipe or the most fantastic trip I just took, but sometimes you just have to write what is real and true. 

My apologies to anyone if this is too real.............but

Like most of you, I had two grandfathers growing up.  The first,  my dad's dad who died right before he died.  Which was ridiculously early!

The grandmother's husband  (my mother's father died long before)....... George Conklin.... a kind, military, strict kind of grandfather...a bit removed....but kind.

I don't remember being close to either one.  Partly due to an early death and partly due to a lack of relationship.  I mean......what more can you say?  

Allie (my daughter) has a very strong connection to her Papa. I personally have lived vicarously through this relationship.    It's one of the sweetest relationships I've ever watched.  He's getting up there in age.....but takes time to call her and check in.  I love this about their connection.... he's involved.

My stepdad (Tony) also has a strong connection with his grandchildren.....but he's losing it.  He has early alzheimers.  This is our first trip to Austin that I really question if he will recognize us.   It saddens me beyond belief that the man I have called my dad most of my life is losing his memory.

When he sees Allie and Sophie, will he recognize them?

We've all (Allie, Sophie and I) been thinking about the trip. It's heavier than in  times past.  Usually we gear up, head towards Texas and "yee-haw"it  (Sophie-style) all the way there. 

Aging is a bitch.  I mean really it can't be described as anything else.  It's a cold, hard bitch!  

I think it's more difficult to watch your children watch their grandparents age more than it is to witness your own parents slowly dimming the light.