[pros-es; especially British proh-ses] Show IPA noun, plural proc·ess·es [pros-es-iz, uh-siz, uh-seez or, esp. British, proh-ses‐, proh-suh] Show IPA , verb, adjective
1.  a systematic series of actions directed to some end:

I tend to delve (as an artist) and look beneath.  I must scrape away at what is there, to find what's underneath....(in my view) the deeper truth.
I search for meaning in what I's not just the act of painting - it's Why this?  Why now? And what is the message am I trying to convey?
This mirrors my (day job)  as a headhunter as well.  I interview most of my days away, asking question after question.  When I hit an area that needs more digging......I dig deeper. 
I usually do get to the bottom of things.

That's my "process".  
I'm not the slip-on-the-surface kind of girl. 
I do know that annoys some people and I am okay with that. 
It takes all kinds, right? 
These are  "grounding rods." 

That's what I call them.
I've been working on my "process" with this medium about 15 months now. 
Everything in the piece is recycled. 
I've taken clothing that has outlived their
usefulness and cut or torn into strips and wrapped them around a tube.   
As with any artist in perfecting a process, I've tried many different
This piece sold at the show within the first hour of the show. 
It was one of the first groupings I put together.
After receiving such a positive response,
I took the idea and process back into my studio and worked on it.
If you haven't noticed,
it's circles
The tubes are really just elongated circles and
I spend my time winding
connecting one end to the other.
This shot is the show I was in.....the woman in the photo is reading this:
“The Rag Trade” is a journey;
a process of unraveling, disassembling and redefining textiles into an ‘upcycled’ afterlife.
It is a global piece to which nature - plants, animals, and minerals - have contributed their beauty.
A comprehensive collaboration of countries and people have participated in the spinning, weaving, cutting, winding, and spooling of these fabrics, producing a creation as complex as the world around us.
This was my artist statement. 
The connection of one to all.
This has led me to believe that
is not only
but it's
else along too.