I've been a bit silent for the past (well 4 months to be exact). Life has been busy for me and I've spent more time in quietness than anything else. I guess some would call this a 'hiatus'. Yes, that's what it has been, a hiatus.


[hahy-ey-tuhs] Show IPA

noun, plural hi·a·tus·es, hi·a·tus.
a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

I've had an interruption in the continuity of work.

This has made room for other types of work to be born and developed. The above is called "Weathered". It's tiny. Very small pieces of torn canvas...painted....sewn and shredded.

The weathered theme seems appropriate at this point. Softly worn, over time, there seems to be a wiseness about anything weathered. Take a piece of furniture you find thrifting or at a garage or estate sale. It has a story, a history and it speaks quietly. I have many pieces in my home that have come from estate sales. I always ask about the owner, who was he/she? What did they do? My dining room table is a beautiful curly wood maple/pecan table with six chairs. The table is exquisite. When I asked about the owner, I was told that the piece belonged to a "self made millionaire". I liked the sound of that.

My hiatus will last a bit longer.....probably another 6 months. Then I will be back in rare form, but now is the time to take a break to focus on observation, rest, renewal and storing energy for the next creative process.

Stay tuned.......I'm not gone.....just hibernating.